Herban Bud

You’re looking at the best Delta 8 on the hemp market.

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Herban Bud Premium Delta 8 and Delta 9 Products

You’re looking at the best Delta 8 and Delta 9 products on the hemp market.

Never Sprayed Delta 8 Flower

if we found stronger D8 infused cannabis outside of Texas that met our tough standards, we would be serving you that instead. But as it turns out, two different farms in Texas have the best look, smell, taste, and nug structure out of the 100+ D8 infused flower we’ve tested.

Take their word for it

-Laura M.

Sometimes, an incredible opportunity comes along that you just cannot pass up. If there is one thing I can say for my brand, it is that I have never photographed a product that I do not 100% stand behind. t helped me to heal. It helped me to stop and feel/really listen to my body for the first time in years.

-Maria S.

When I placed my order Paul assisted me in picking out the correct product. I have back issues and no over the counter remedy seems to alleviate my pain. In a few days I received them in the mail and took one after dinner. By bed time I felt AMAZING! No pain! A+++ will be buying again

-Kitty J.

The Herban gummies have been a real lifesaver for me. These have completely changed my day to day. One of the 15mg gummies before bed and the night terrors are gone. I haven’t had to take the pills from the doctor since I started taking these. I actually feel good about putting these in my body vs. the garbage the doctor wrote me prescriptions for. I have severe PTSD and night terrors, and these have really been a game changer. I’m so grateful for them. Thank you Herban and Paul for everything you do.

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