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Herban Bud was born in 2021

After two years of extensive research in the cannabis industry, Herban Bud was born in February 2021. This was accomplished by attending every single cannabis trade show in the US, regardless of how large or small it was. We tested, so you don’t have to, thousands of products from samples received by farms, extraction facilities, and vendors.

The products we landed on are what we consider the best products in each category. We still attend every major trade show moving forward to ensure our product line is truly “best in class” throughout the entire industry. At present, we only sell THC products.

We currently have two exclusive distribution partners: Cali Green Gold and The Remedy.


Together, with Herban Bud, these two amazing brands round out our Delta-8 product line perfectly, and we’re happy to partner with them to bring top-shelf Delta-8 products to you.

Why we did all this work: 

We’ve been in cannabis since 1989, long before it was legal for medical or recreational use. We found there was so much shady dealing going on, even on the retail and distributor level currently, that we wanted to create our own brand of the highest quality cannabis products on the market. In instances where we simply cannot create the best, we form partnerships to bring you the best, like we do with CGG and The Remedy family of products. We absolutely love cannabis, but we will never sacrifice quality over profits or people. That’s the bottom line, and that’s what makes us get out of bed every day, to help you and your family.

Why did we start Herban Bud? We started Herban Bud because our founder was arrested in 2005 for bringing his THC pills back to Austin from his medical marijuana doctor in California. He was charged with a 2nd degree felony for “Possession of a controlled substance: THC” that carried a mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years in prison. Being white and having white privilege saved him from going to prison, but this is not the case with most BIPOC. His goal in creating the Herban Bud brand was to create products strong enough so that none of our customers need to risk jail or prison time. We believe we have achieved that goal with the strength of our products, but we want you to be the judge!

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