Learn More about Herban Bud Cannabis

No, we do not sell marijuana, but we do sell legal cannabis. We’re in hundreds of stores around the US, but mostly in Texas and North Carolina for now.

Cannabis is the name of the plant that has two classifications:

1) “marijuana” and  2) “hemp”

The classification is largely based on the federal government saying that “any cannabis plant with a concentration of 0.3% or higher, on a dry weight basis, is considered marijuana and cannabis that has a concentration of 0.3% or lower, on a dry weight basis, is considered “hemp”. They are both the same identical plant, which is why law enforcement is confused as to arrest people or not for having hemp in their car. As long as you have the container your goodies came in, or the COA which can be printed from our website, you shouldn’t be concerned (especially in cities).

We don’t use the term “getting high” since it’s illegal to do so. You do, however, feel the effects from our products that mimic the effects you get from marijuana. Delta 8 THC has roughly 60% the strength of Delta 9 THC (aka marijuana), so we’ve formulated our products to be 60% stronger so the dosages will roughly line up with what you can purchase in regulated states like Colorado or Nevada. For example, our 15mg D8 gummies equate to 9mg Delta 9. In states like Colorado, they sell their edibles mainly in increments of 10mg per gummy.

Because Delta 8 converts into the same compound as Delta 9 THC, yes, you get largely the same effects as marijuana. Some people will swear it’s the same, and some people will beg to differ. Only you can make that determination for yourself. We’re pretty convinced over here that they’re almost identical.

We’re usually pretty good about getting your order out the same day or the next day. If you don’t get tracking information within 1 day via email, please reach out to us and we’ll check things out on our end: support@herbanbud.co

The only products we don’t make ourselves are products from Cali Green Gold and The Remedy. We have an exclusive distribution deal with these companies to only make D8 products for Herban because we couldn’t possibly make a better product. If that’s ever the case in the future, we’ll add more products from third parties, but for now it’s only those two companies because everything else is manufactured by us in either our Los Angeles, California facility or our Austin, Texas facility.

Yes, you sure can, all 50 states! You can even bring them to a state that doesn’t allow the sale of D8 because you’ve already purchased it legally in a state we ship to.

You absolutely can be arrested for having these products on you because they look, smell, and smoke like marijuana products. Please save the packaging or the COA from our website so you don’t get arrested by an over zealous police officer.

COA stands for “certificate of analysis” and it shows to law enforcement, or anyone else for that matter, that what you have in your possession is derived from 100% federally legal hemp and is legal for sale. You can also scan the QR code on any item of ours to pull up the COA to show anyone or even just look for yourself. These are the lab results that come from DEA registered labs.

At present, we cannot and will not ship D8 to the following states: Alaska, Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, New York, North Dakota, Montana, Nebraska, Rhode Island, Utah, Washington. No state has yet passed a law prohibiting the sale of THCO, however, so you’re free to order that if you live in any of the above states.

We get this question a lot. It’s because Delta-8 THC and Delta-9 THC are both broken down into the same compound when your body metabolizes them. This compound is known as 11-hydroxy THC, and it is this specific compound that is responsible for all the medical issues that can be helped with marijuana.

Please note: we are not making any medical claims about any of our products.

If you consume any Delta 8 products you wil definitely fail your UA because of the above question. The UA is screened for 11-hydroxy THC, not Delta 9 THC. THCO is still new and untested in regards to failing a UA for THC being present, so please be careful. On the positive side, we’ve been hearing a lot of people getting waivers from their jobs because D8 is sold legally in so many states. It’s best to check with your job or probation / parole officer before you partake.