11 Different Vape Carts Bundle

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You are buying 11 of our most popular Delta-8 vape carts in this limited time promo!

Unlike most of our competitors, we actually went several steps further when designing and filling our vape carts. We visited the city of Shenzhen, China, and went door-to-door visiting cart and battery manufacturers to see how we can make a superior product to everyone else.

What we learned was that most of our competitors are buying carts and disposables “off the shelf” from companies like iKrusher and Ispire. These companies have a less than 1% failure rate, but that wasn’t good enough for our high standards. We learned that you need to create the coil and stainless steal post as well as even the small holes on the post to accommodate the viscosity of the distillate:terpene ratio. 

So, we had all of our products modified to this specification so our failure rate is less than 0.001%. We applied this same technology to our THCO disposables, HHC disposables and Delta-9 disposable batteries which we also manufacture ourselves.

In addition, there are only two ingredients in our vape carts: D8 distillate and cannabis-derived terpenes. The only other company we’ve seen use CDTs is 3Chi, and they only use CDTs in some of their products, where we use them in every single vape product we manufacture.

Yes, they’re more expensive than regular terpenes or “botanical terpenes” (if you want to get technical), but it’s worth the extra cost when you feel it working stronger



Lab Results

  • 11 of our most popular Delta-8 THC vape carts
  • 1g of Delta-8 THC distillate + Cannabis-derived terpenes (nothing else, ever)
  • 7.5% CDTs are added to obtain desired strain and effect
  • 93.37% Delta-8 THC distillate
  • 510 carts