6 Strains of THCO: Disposable Vape Bundle

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Each vape cart is 1g of 100% pure THCO distillate + Cannabis Derived Terpenes. Select this kit and delve into the Herban THCO experience.

What’s included in the THCO Extreme Disposable Vape Bundle:

  • (1) THCO Disposable Vape: Purple Haze (1000mg)
  • (1) THCO Disposable Vape: Forbidden Fruit (1000mg)
  • (1) THCO Disposable Vape: Blue Dream (1000mg)
  • (1) THCO Disposable Vape: Pineapple Express (1000mg)
  • (1) THCO Disposable Vape: LA Kush Cake (1000mg)
  • (1) THCO Disposable Vape: Blueberry Kush (1000mg)



Lab Results

Herban THCO is always 100% pure THCO with only Cannabis Derived Terpenes added to attain the strain. You will never want to use another THCO pen after trying this.

About THCO:

  • THCO is 3x more potent than Delta-9 THC
  • THCO is 2x more psychoactive
  • THCO 2x more euphoric
  • High lasts 4-6 hours vs 2 hours

We took over a year to come out with THCO because we wanted to make it perfect for our customers. When we found out that every single brand mixes their THCO with Delta-8 to make the distillate thicker, we knew we had to do better. Since we manufacture our own battery with our partners in Shenzhen, we were able to change the stainless steel post, ceramic coil and tank to accommodate the extremely thin oil that is THCO. As a result, this is the smoothest THCO product you will ever try, period.

Instructions: Turn the battery on with 5 clicks. Change the temperature from Low/Med/High with 3 clicks, and use 2 clicks for a pre-heat (aka stoner hit). Onset takes 15-30 minutes after first inhaling since there is no D8. Please allow for this extra time for the THCO to bind to the CB1 receptor in your brain before inhaling more. The smoothness of the 100% pure THCO is very deceptive, and you’ll get a very big hit without even realizing it so please adjust your methods accordingly.