Delta-8 Gummies

We are very particular about our gummies as it’s one of our own favorite products. Consistency, purity, and quality are the things we seek out so that you can enjoy a Delta-8 edible without worry.

Organic, Vegan, Gluten-Free, and GMO-free ingredients with an emphasis on organic coloring and flavoring, our gummies are a step above anyone else’s. Whatever your experience with Delta-8, we offer a variety of dosages and flavors to suit everybody’s tolerances. Our 30mg jars contain 20 gummies of assorted flavors (600mg total THC), while our 50mg gummies contain 10 gummies (500mg total THC). As many customers report, “it only takes one!”

We add terpenes to our 30mg gummies to give you the added effect. 

Strains include Pineapple Express and Zkittlez.

***Please note: our 50mg gummies are not organic***

30mg flavors: Assorted fruit flavors

50mg flavors: Lemon Drop, Cherry Pie, Green Apple

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    • Flavors: blue raspberry, citrus punch, green apple, orange mango
    • Organic, vegan, GMO-free, natural food color, no artificial ingredients ever
    • Sold in bottles of 20



    • Flavors: Lemon Cake, Apple Pie, and Cherry Pie
    • Sold in bottles of 10


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