Euphoria by Herban

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So many of us are tired of being disappointed by D8 heavy vapes. You’re looking for wow and you’re getting meh.

We decided to do something about it.

Euphoria by Herban is massive, 2-gram disposable vape that blends 5 highly potent cannabinoids.

This oil blend starts with an HHC base. Then we added the max amount of THCp, some THC-O, just enough THCjd, and a dash of Delta-8. Unlike our competitors, Delta-8 is not our primary ingredient, we only use it to potentiate the effects of the other cannabinoids. After approximately 15-20 minutes is when the other cannabinoids kick in for that Euphoria experience you can’t find anywhere else.

Each strain also has live cannabis-derived terpenes, so you can get the calming or lifting effect you’re looking for.

With this much oil, your battery could die before your vape is empty, so we added a USB-C port on the bottom to recharge, in case you “run out of juice” before you run out of juice.

This is one of the strongest vape carts on the market and a customer favorite. Our “production testers” were getting lifted at night and were still high the next day!

Choose your strain:

  • Apple Fritter (indica)
  • Watermelon OG (sativa)
  • Acapulco Punch (hybrid)
  • Sunset Sherbet (hybrid)
  • Mauie Wowie (sativa)
  • Cotton Kandy Kush (indica)


What’s Inside

Here are all the cannabinoids you’ll find inside the Euphoria by Herban disposable vape:

HHC (hexahydrocannabinol)
A hemp-derived cannabinoid with an additional hydrogen molecule. Gives you a similar body high to Delta-9 THC, but at a slightly lower potency, roughly 80% the strength of Delta-9.

THC-O (THC acetate ester)
A hemp-derived cannabinoid with stronger effects than Delta-9 THC. May deliver psychoactive and euphoric experiences.

THCp (tetrahydrocannabiphorol)
A natural cannabinoid that bonds extremely effectively with the user’s cannabinoid receptors. This leads to a significantly stronger and more euphoric high than Delta-9 THC. It is also approximately 20 times stronger than Delta-9 THC.

THCjd (octyl cannabinoid)
A naturally occurring phytocannabinoid, extracted directly from hemp. Works with Delta-8 THC to create a feeling of calm and relaxation.

Delta-8 THC
A less potent cannabinoid than Delta-9 THC that produces similar effects. Delta-8 THC is roughly 60% the strength of Delta-9 THC.

That’s a lot of flower power. Plus, we add cannabis-derived terpenes for the strain effect you’re looking for.

Always buy cannabis products from trustworthy brands that share their Certificate of Analysis!



This product is not intended for use by first-time cannabis users.

It is extremely powerful, so we recommend going “low and slow.”

You should start to feel the effects of the HHC and Delta-8 THC right away. But THCp, THC-O, and THCjd will take around 15 minutes to take effect. We recommend giving yourself this much time before taking a second hit.

How to Use

Click 5x to turn on the battery.

Press the button and simply inhale to pull!

If the vape gets clogged (which is rare), click 2x to turn on the preheat setting and clear the clog. We do not recommend hitting your vape on the preheat setting as this can lead to “spitting” of the oil out the tip!


HHC Distillate, THCp Distillate, THC-O Distillate, THCjd Distillate, Delta-8 Distillate, Cannabis-Derived Terpenes

6 reviews for Euphoria by Herban

  1. Alex (verified owner)

    Great product to handle a variety of ailments. And the value is pretty amazing as well, because most people won’t need much to ease symptoms. The freedom from the ill-effects of pills is also a great relief. Highly recommended.

  2. Sir Adam (verified owner)

    I took the Euphoria vape challenge, and I was ready to get a refund and keep the product. After all the Best in the USA? Well I have to say I took just one moderate tasty hit, waited 15 min’s as Herban advised. I Shitt you not I was in Euphoria’s grasp a beautiful smooth kickass high for five plus hours straight! The vape even has a 10sec warm up option! The best mix vape ever made,There was a lot of love an thought that went into the formula. It’s safe to say that for the last four days I’ve been too f*cked up to send a refund email.. Euphoria is the OG king of the motherfucking mixed vape hill. Over n out:)

  3. Joe (verified owner)

    Hands down the BEST vape I’ve ever tried. You guys have cracked the code. Keep up the good work.

  4. Dyan

    This site was… how dⲟ I say it? Relevant!! Finally Ӏ һave found somethіng
    that helpeɗ me. Cheers!

    Ⅿy webpage syrup

  5. Bryan Smith (verified owner)

    like everyone else, i’ve been wading thru all the hyped up, let down CBD based vapes on the market, i’ve wasted hundreds of dollars elsewhere trying to find that “replacement” for real flower, well i have found it, right here at HerbanBud, and now the only thing i have to worry about is if it is in stock when i want to order more! (i keep a couple in stock now) it worked just like they said, “one hit- wait 15 minutes”, 20 minutes later i forgot what i was doing, SOLD! the fact it’s made by good honest Texans right up the road in Austin is icing on the cake!

  6. rclopp (verified owner)

    OK, so everybody is coming up with their custom alt-noid mix, but Herban have done their research (bet that was fun :), and “Euphoria” was born. Their claim to have the strongest combo cart on the market now is no lie. In my experience at least. This mix will put you right, but it is still a mellow high without being overpowering. Highly recommended! So good I bought another cart right away!

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